Remo Dance

In this moment, I’d like to introduce you about one of traditional dance well-born from East Java. Yes, it is Remo. Remo is a dance performance which is usually performed at the beginning of ludruk, also one of traditional role play from East Java. But this dance has been evolved as greeting dance in many formal occasions such governmental event and ceremonial. Remo tells about a prince who fought at battlefield. Nowadays, not only man who can perform but also woman do. If the dancer is woman, people call it Remo Putri.

There are many types of Remo based on the region in East java ; Remo Surabaya, Remo Jombang, Remo Malang,  and Sawunggaling. Each region has its uniquely. Visible difference is about the costume wore by dancer. For Surabaya, dancer use red headband, black  long-sleeve shirt without button, and  ¾ trousers. Black shirt reflects to costume of Javanese kingdom at 18th century instead of another region use a white long-sleeve shirt.

Main characteristic of its dance is dynamic and smart ankle motion. It is supported with bells hanging in ankle. It sounds so great and very attractive. Another characteristic is scarf used in shoulder, the scarf is called sampur. The motion of the head, face expression, and gallant pose make the dance become more attractive.

Here I embed a video of Remo. Enjoy!!

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